Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday's Recap!

Amanda, Chris, Jennifer, Whitney, and Leslie led the morning session at Fundaninos. They did a great job explaining the importance of questioning and blooms taxonomy. The session was three hours, but the teachers stayed an extra hour to write expectations and norms for their students. We are blessed to have time to brainstorm with the teachers here.

In the city we were able to give teacher tools and resources to teachers from around the area. They have trouble with students who are apathetic, so we shared many activities that encourage participation, movement, and informal assessment. We are trying to promote a very positive environment for the students and teachers. The group that had the HS students got to share the gospel today (Thank you Lord for opportunities). They led out with a skit about Grace. Luis then got to explain the gospel in full. We're praying that the clear truth presented will touch the hearts of those students.

Tonight several members of the team shared their testimony during our nightly meeting. We got to hear a testimony of one of the kids here at Fundaninos. The Lord saves despite dark pasts, our sinful nature, and our failed attempts to be an outwardly "good" Christian.

We found out that tomorrow we will be going on a trip with the kids to a natural park where we will play games, hike, swim, etc. This will be a wonderful time of enjoying the relationships that we have built with the kids.

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