Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cuidad Vieja

Saturday was bitter sweet. We were sad to leave the kids, but thankful that we were leaving them in a great place with Christian influence. After saying our goodbyes to the kids, we got to spend our last day of the trip in the beautiful city of Antigua. We enjoyed great food, walking the market, and seeing the sights. The city is full of colorful architecture, vintage streets, and green landscape. We got to enjoy time with the Dolan's and each other.

We're all very excited to be back in Texas and see our family and friends. We're excited for clean water, ice cubes, and a few comforts that we will no longer take for granted. We want to thank everyone who supported us during the trip either financially or through prayer. We could feel the Lord's presence each day and all grew in our own personal faith throughout our time here. We'll continue to pray for the kids, leaders, and teachers at Fundaninos knowing that our God is working and in control.

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  1. Thank you for inspiring us all through these beautiful children and dedicated teachers.