Friday, July 11, 2014

Es Viernes!

Each night we've shared encouraging moments throughout the trip. Each night the list gets longer. We are encouraged by the leadership here, the responsibility that the kids take for each other, the kid's ability to have a childhood despite their past, the kids appreciation and contentment, etc. We are encouraged by each other and of course by the Lord's goodness and presence.

This morning we enjoyed lichas with the kids for breakfast. Lauren, Claire, Chris, and Valerie led the morning session with an emphasis on classroom management and positive praise. Jen and Luis translated (we'd be lost without our amazing translators!).

The sweetest part of the morning was getting to share testimonies with the teachers and hearing one of the teachers share his testimony as well. We are in awe of our amazing God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is saving lives all across the world! We got to have a pizza party with the teachers for lunch. They were so kind to make us all cards. We are going to miss them, but we hope to stay in contact.

In the afternoon Amanda, Kasie, and Brittany H went into the city to teach. It was a great session on Bloom's Taxonomy that ended in prayer and sweet good byes. Meanwhile others helped paint and work in the garden.

Tonight we brought a nice Texas grill to Guatemala. Tom and Mike grilled out burgers and we all got to serve the kids. Smores (Smikys we called them - Chickys + Marshmellows) were dessert. The kids loved the bon fire.

We are going to be sad to leave the kids, but we'll be happy to be home as well. The Lord has been at the center of this trip and has grown us all through the experience. We'll be heading to Antigua tomorrow and will fly home on Sunday.

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